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is a place where precision meets innovation!

We create synergic solutions by being a leader in production of injection molds and plastic molded pieces.

Tooling Department

Are you looking for reliable solutions to improve the quality and efficiency of your production?

Discover the possibilities offered by the ALEXANDER tool room – the leader in injection mold production.

Thanks to our many years of experience, advanced technology and constant pursuit of perfection, we are able to offer products which will not only meet your expectations but exceed them.

Why should you choose our tooling department?

  • Precision of craft: Our injection molds are designed and repaired with the utmost attention to detail to ensure top quality and repeatability of production. Advanced processing technologies and a modern machine park enable us to realize even the most complicated projects.
  • Longevity: Through the use of top quality materials our injection molds gain great longevity, which results in reducing the cost of the molds’ lifecycle. By investing in our solutions, your gain is not only in quality but also in saved money.
  • Technical support and counsel: Our team of experts is at your disposal, offering support at every stage – from design to production. This  way you can be sure of selecting the optimal solution, adjusted to your individual needs.
  • Short realization time: We understand perfectly well the importance of time in today’s world, which is why we are committed to fast fulfillment of orders without sacrificing the quality. Our efficient logistics and management of production processes help ensure that your order will be ready on time.
  • Sustainable development: Being aware of the environmental impact of our operations, we constantly work toward optimizing the production processes for sustainable development. By choosing our injection molds you choose a product created with the future of our planet in mind.

Join the ranks of satisfied customers

Don’t wait! Join the ranks of our satisfied customers and see for yourself how our injection molds can contribute to the growth of your business. Co-operation with us is a guarantee of highest quality, professionalism and satisfaction.

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Your future in production begins here!

Injection Molding Plant

Discover the future of manufacturing with the ALEXANDER injection molding plant – your trusted partner in creating plastic molded pieces. At our innovation center we combine a passion for excellence with cutting-edge technologies in order to deliver products which not only meet but surpass standards. Our offer is not just plastic molded pieces – it is solutions tailored for your needs, merged with the experience of our tooling department.

Why should you choose our injection molding plant?

  • Advanced technology: We employ top-of-the-line injection molding machines and production techniques, allowing us to manufacture plastic molded pieces of complicated shapes and structures with utmost precision using the 2k technology.
  • Material versatility: Thanks to a wide array of available materials, ranging from standard plastics to advanced copolymers, we are able to measure up to even the most demanding applications. Our products are characterized by exceptional durability, functionality and aesthetics.
  • Flexibility of production: Regardless of order scale – from prototypes to mass production – we guarantee flexibility, fast realization and invariably high quality. Our integrated system of managing production allows for optimization of processes, which translates into advantageous prices and delivery dates.
  • Sustainable development: Recognizing our responsibility towards the environment, we keep working on minimizing the impact of our operations on the planet. By recycling production waste and optimizing energy use, we aim to make our injection molds not only efficient but environment-friendly.
  • Full support and counsel: Our team of experts is at your disposal, offering full support from the design phase to final production. All this to ensure that you receive a product which entirely fulfills your expectations and market needs.

Invest in a future with us

By choosing our injection molding plant you choose innovation, quality and sustainable development. Thanks to our plastic molded  pieces you will open your business to new possibilities and new markets. Regardless of the industry sector – automotive, electronics, packaging or medical – our products will provide you with a competitive advantage.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can enhance your business.

Our injection molding plant is more than just a supplier of product – it’s your partner in the pursuit of excellence.

Find out yourself how our plastic molded pieces can contribute to your company’s success.

Together we will build a better future.  

ALEXANDER has been a manufacturer and publisher of board games and children’s toys for almost 50 years. Our offer also includes creative and construction toys, jigsaw puzzles, pinwheels and playing cards.
We work on order, manufacturing games, toys, jigsaw puzzles, advertizing and promotional gadgets, and packaging. We proudly create new products dedicated for B2B clients based on our company’s many years of experience.