Injection molding plant

Our injection molding plant is equipped with top of the line numerical control injection molding machines with clamping force of 80 to 420 kN and shot capacity up to 1100 grams. Among them we have the latest machines by ENGEL, Arburg, Demag and Battenfeld.

The injection molding plant is not just machines, it’s also our innovative approach to manufacturing. Advanced injection mold machines equipped with robots allow for an unparalleled quality, speed and economy of production.

We have extensive experience in the manufacturing of medical equipment, toy packaging, structural components of automotive parts, and in other technical industries.

Put your trust in us and gain a partner with rich experience and a state-of-the-art machine park. Our highly trained team, with almost 50 years of tradition behind them, is capable of fulfilling production orders on time, even for the most challenging projects.

The design synergy between our tooling department and injection molding plant will ensure that you enjoy our individualized approach to each customer. By partnering with us, you will be able to forget about any technical difficulties and focus solely on benefits: exceptional quality and timely deliveries which meet all your expectations.

We specialize in:

Manufacturing complicated
products for
demanding customers
Utilizing difficult
injection molds of
atypical structure and
including metal inserts
unconventional technologies of
plastics processing
Making products
from any available
Co-operating with
chemical processing specialists
Using advanced and effective
assembly processes